Small Compressor Stay’en Alive

Keeping a compressor working and updates

This beatup compressor has been working tirelessly for years. It succumbed to
the China syndrome, cheep parts and poor design. This unit actually has a purpose
it inflates car tires and everyone knows where it is, such a waist to junk it so we FIXED IT!

The start capacitor was blown so it wouldn’t start. A new larger one was used, it had to be strapped on cause it was not a direct replacement, but it kicks this thing off.
second the air pressure start/shutoff valve was inop. Lots going on in this switch box. This one died because the electrical contacts had plastic design.
the parts used are listed, the cost to fix was around 30 bucks

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Portable air Bottle (almost)

The misson is to repair the manifold so a air valve can be installed to be able to fill the tank.

The casting on the tank broke off eliminating the air valve

purchased a air valve for a couple bucks, determined the thread count to be 18

Drilled hole per tap instructions (7/16) Although this thread od is almost 1/2 inch it’s called 1/4 pipe thread. I’ll
provide the tap chart for referance

Adding a air guage would just top off this great repair. Not! Tightening the air valve the mainfold again fell apart. At this point the manifold is deemed unreliable and tossed in the recycle bin

Back to the Basics. All I really wanted to do is not have to haul out my compressor to air a distant tire

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simple fix, poor design

Label printers are pretty common in the trash these days. It’s either they are just out of film or the batteries are dead.
this one actually had a broken battery terminal, the battery unable to make contact with the lead end because it
was pushed back inside the machine. A little JB weld will hold things together, probably stronger than the orignal design. Time to print some labels, this thing even had new batteries. about an 11 minute fix because i had to find the glue.

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Flea Market find

My flea market find, 1 dollar bin. I thought i had this until i opened one of the outlet doors and there it was.
The defect that rendered it to the china bin.

Perfect 15min fix project (5min needs update)

Disassembly reveals a pretty good quality, simple design. And great condition!
The defect obliviously from running to much current, melted the case but inspecting inside looked fine

The timing mechanism simple and functional, the overall condition good or better. Reassembled and put it out in the garden.

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More and More People are building with Tech, Making Beautiful, Functional Stuff

You do a Duckduckgo search for a simple work project and you get links to some really incredible build able stuff.

Some of these things you could do the build, the labor part but the cutting and fabrication is beyond your home workshop capability. So put a call out to your community and get it done, quick and inexpensive.

Not always but sometimes there is a local guy that has a cnc router or bridgeport mill, or plasma table and he has idle time. it’s true and I am one of those guys. Sometimes I think I have all these tools because I just wanted to learn how they work, and boy you can create some amazing things with a 3d printer or cnc router table

This post will explore what we are building and projects that are available and for how much

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Winterize Generator —Florida Living

This rubber grommet had deteriorated that it was leaking. Unit has plastic gas tank. I run the unit for at least 15 minutes then drain out all the fuel. Somehow this unit rusted heavy in storage , I sprayed it good with wd40 and put it back into the storage. This is actually a new unit ,under 1hr total operating time

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Dewalt 20v led light (crap)

The workbench, quick 5 min evulation reveals the hidden secrets of the dewalt 20 volt led light
Not sure of the model, couple years old so the bulb is dim. You know the led element they said would last forever, who is they, I dont know probably some government agency trying to sway people to eleminate the old style cheep bulbs.

The LED gets weak and the light useless unless you can replace the bulb.

What you can buy a replacement bulb, preytel! Hold on there boys and girls. This expensive LED light has a secret.

You cant change the bulb, maybe you can but this is not a standard bulb. Some crappy led placed on a circuit board with some wires glued firmly in.

In the Bin it goes!

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