I don’t even know how to explain the junk theses windows are. I believe they are about 8 years old. Now first and formost Vinal anything in Florida is a No_go, any vinal alltogether, this is just a cheap material that doesn’t last. So here I am, invested in hurricain proof windows that every one of them have broken supports. Now I have window panes that weight 45 lbs and need a stick to hold open because the window manufacture wants to rape me for 35 bucks each for a poorly designed system that will fail, on every window. Thats 70 bucks to fix shit that won’t be fixed and the next time somone tries to open it without lifting perfectly straight it will break again.
The Mission is to redesign the hold up system, even if it has to be external. This is just an example of crap design, crappy manufacture, and greed from H-crapo for selling this garbage.

was teaching my grand son how to use tin snips on it (POS)

There will be an update when I figure out how to update this crap. Overall the windows being argon gas and duel pain if I can come up with a slide system that will be fine, I have considered gas charged struts but this repair has to be affordable and durable. I will post pictures and diamentions of the window pain and frame to update my progress. (note the broom handle supports holding up the windows)