i am always the one that is blamed for lost cords. Some electronic equiptment have special milded cords and they can be hard to locate. If you don’t use the proper cord, even if it fits in you risk a polarity issue. More on that in a minute. Here is a great solutionand also a great tip for managing rope or wire loops. God old romax can be stripped and nice solid copper removed to make excellant twist ties. Now I know you can buy this at the crappy home-chinadepot for a few bucks, it has fancy vinal cover, mine here I even cut the insulation by mistake but it doesn’t matter, IT WORKS!

Part 2 You see you can fit a cord that is molded different but this cord can be inserted either way allowing for the netural and hot to be alternated. You might get it right the first try but if the device is not setup for this you make smoke